Lisson Gallery
A Melted Snowman A Melted Snowman A Melted Snowman

Ryan Gander

A Melted Snowman


How do we know if a melted snowman ever existed? Was it a rumour? These questions are referenced when considering a recent show by Ryan Gander in New York at Lisson Gallery in 2020 – staged at a time when the artist himself couldn’t travel to be there in person.

Another exhibition planned for Princeton had to be mounted in his own studio and experienced virtually, similarly constituting a space beyond or in-between seeing and being.

Curator Katharine Brinson, of the Guggenheim, offers a close reading of Gander’s work, being one of the chosen few to have managed to see the exhibition.

Sohrab Mohebbi interviews Gander on the myths and anecdotes that surround his and other works of art, while Ossian Ward charts the elastic passing of time across the entire practice.

A text by Gander that featured in the exhibition in the form of a digital info-totem, entitled Staccato Refractions, runs throughout the book, with other passages of image, colour and text marshalled into place by the designer David Reinfurt.

*Shipping end of October

ISBN: 9780947830823

Pages: 193

Illustrations: Colour

Format: Softback

Dimensions: 297mm x 210mm
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