Lisson Gallery

OVR: Miami Beach | Painting Protocols

1 – 15 December 2020

Lisson Gallery’s presentation for this year’s first ‘OVR: Miami Beach’ features a range of works that either utilise a painterly ‘system’ or a pre-configured process to create paintings or painting-like pieces. Beginning with an early work by Hélio Oiticica that breaks with the strictures of modernism, Rodney Graham cuts, pastes and reinvents the same language 70 years later. Far from exhausting the possibilities of the two-dimensional pictorial space, painters such as Mary Corse and Bernard Piffaretti demand audience participation and concentration, while Carmen Herrera and Jason Martin move the painted space away from the flat surface, towards sculpture. Allora and Calzadilla and Cory Arcangel apply diverse materials and technologies to expand the definitions and horizons of painting, while the cracked window pane of Ryan Gander and Stanley Whitney’s moveable colour feast suggest an ever-changing frame, which could contain multitudes and be enriched by the alternate universes of painterly rulebreakers Joyce Pensato and Laure Prouvost.


  1. FOCUS: Cory Arcangel, Totally Fucked

    FOCUS: Cory Arcangel, Totally Fucked

    12 November – 1 December 2020

  2. FOCUS: Hélio Oiticica, Metaesquema

    FOCUS: Hélio Oiticica, Metaesquema

    2 November – 16 November 2020

  3. FOCUS: Allora & Calzadilla, Electromagnetic Field

    FOCUS: Allora & Calzadilla, Electromagneti...

    21 October – 2 November 2020

  4. FOCUS: Haroon Mirza, 'Attraction and Illumination'

    FOCUS: Haroon Mirza, 'Attraction and Illum...

    6 October – 11 October 2020

  5. Bernard Piffaretti: Coda

    Bernard Piffaretti: Coda

    10 August – 30 August 2020

  6. FOCUS: Stanley Whitney

    FOCUS: Stanley Whitney

    27 July – 2 August 2020

  7. Stanley Whitney: No to Prison Life

    Stanley Whitney: No to Prison Life

    13 July – 30 July 2020

  8. Liu Xiaodong: Spring in New York

    Liu Xiaodong: Spring in New York

    29 June – 12 July 2020

  9. Art Basel Online Viewing Rooms: Memories of Elsewhere

    Art Basel Online Viewing Rooms: Memories o...

    16 June – 28 June 2020

  10. FOCUS: Ryan Gander, 'The End'

    FOCUS: Ryan Gander, 'The End'

    25 May – 8 June 2020

  11. Rodney Graham: Painting Problems

    Rodney Graham: Painting Problems

    6 May – 20 May 2020

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