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Works by Lee Ufan feature in 'The Challenging Souls' exhibition at Power Station of Art, Shanghai

24 April 2019

The work of Lee Ufan is featured in ‘The Challenging Souls’, a major exhibition at Shanghai’s Power Station of Art contemporary art museum which opens on Sunday 28 April. Alongside the work of Yves Klein and Ding Yi, the exhibition presents a comparative study between avant-garde art movements of the East and the West in the second half of the 20th century, exploring how the differences and commonalities between the two seemingly opposing cultural standpoints gave way to new avenues in avant-garde art and rejected its previously elitist perceptions.

Lee Ufan was a leading figure of the Mono-ha group, or ‘School of Things’, that formed in Tokyo in the 1960s. Its members championed an engagement with materials and exploration of their inherent properties over technological developments and traditional notions of representation. Alongside site-specific installations and works in charcoal on canvas are major works from Lee Ufan’s Relatum sculptures in iron and stone, and from his Dialogue paintings series, two bodies of work that the artist has continued to develop over the past four decades.

‘The Challenging Souls’ is on view from 28 April to 28 July 2019. It is co-curated by Gong Yan and Yonwoo Lee, and is organised by Power Station of Art in partnership with The Yves Klein Archives, Lisson Gallery and Pace Gallery.

Image: Lee Ufan at a stone factory in Shanghai. Courtesy Power Station of Art; Photography Jiang Wenyi.
Works by Lee Ufan feature in 'The Challenging Souls' exhibition at Power Station of Art, Shanghai
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