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Gerard Byrne and Haroon Mirza in public sound installation

15 April 2016

'An Introduction to Work and Energy' introduces a series of new compositions within the experimental listening framework demarcated by 'Continuous Drift', a public sound installation by Sven Anderson situated in Meeting House Square in Dublin, Ireland. The installation allows anyone visiting the public square to use their mobile phone, table or computer to browse through a series of audio works, and then trigger one of these works to play back from eight loudspeakers that are built into the canopies covering the square.

Gerard Byrne, Josefin Lindebrink, Francisco Lopez, Haroon Mirza, Arnont Nongyao + CMC and Minoru Sato have all contributed works to the project's latest reiteration, which takes its title from a chapter in a physics textbook, encouraging visitors to examine energy production and the raw principles of sound. Featured work includes Gerard Byrne's Imperial, Again, an audio cut of two actors re-enacting a dialogue from a three-page advertorial in an issue of The National Geographic from 1980, alongside a new double pack release by Haroon Mirza, 50 Locked Grooves. Produced by the UK techno label Poly Kicks, the album features tracks made by Haroon using his own custom 12"s created from glass, cardboard, sellotape and other household items. Comprised of recorded and processed versions of Mirza's loops, the double pack is designed to be played together and will be reassembled each time the work is triggered for 'An Introduction to Work and Energy'.

For more information on the project, please visit A full schedule of events is available to download here.

'Continuous Drift' is supported by the Dublin City Public Art Programme and the Arts Council of Ireland.
Gerard Byrne and Haroon Mirza in public sound installation
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