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'Winter Light' at London's Southbank Centre features work by Tatsuo Miyajima

1 December 2020

Featuring more than 15 artworks and new commissions, the first phase of the Southbank Centre's 'Winter Light' exhibition is now installed across the Centre's buildings and along the adjacent riverfront. The artists in this exhibition celebrate how the medium of light can transform our physical spaces, as well as exploring ideas around nature, politics and society, gender, aesthetics and the act of looking. Among the works visible from outside the building is a lightbhox by Tatsuo Miyajima. Miyajima’s supremely technological works have centred on his use of digital LED counters since the late 1980s. These numbers, flashing in continual and repetitious – though not necessarily sequential – cycles from 1 to 9, represent the journey from life to death, the finality of which is symbolized by ‘0’ or the zero point, which consequently never appears in his work.

The exhibition is free and is visible from the outdoor locations around the site, from dusk until late. Artworks will continue being added until the installation is completed in mid-December. Find further information here.

'Winter Light' at London's Southbank Centre features work by Tatsuo Miyajima
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