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Watch now: Spencer Finch discusses his latest exhibition in London

30 June 2021

Ahead of his current exhibition in London, Only the hand that erases writes the true thing, Spencer Finch gives a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the show in his Brooklyn, NY studio. The show, on view from 22 June until 31 July 2021, presents all new works, investigating light, colour and human perception. Made primarily during the winter of 2021, they reflect the subtle beauty and mystery of elements of nature such as snow, light, clouds and fog. In the film, Finch demonstrates how he uses varied materials such as scotch tape, fabric, silver leaf and soft pastel, to capture and distill ephemeral moments and sensory experiences.

"The idea of the show is being limited both in palette, in expression, in visual "oomph" and to just sort of focus on things that are very subtle, evanescent minimal and also, minor," Finch notes. "I think it's something that's anti-digital. You have to experience the work in real life to understand what's going. And in that way, it's connected to real perception and real experience in nature."

Click play to watch the film and explore more of his exhibition here.

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