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Watch now: Cory Arcangel on NOWNESS

24 August 2018

In the latest episode of Nowness's series Raw Materials—where they interview artists about the things that inform their practice—director Izzy Cohan gets meta mastermind Cory Arcangel chatting about everything from baby monitors (how can they be turned into art?) to the machines that power menus in McDonald's.

In his work Arcangel is interested in preserving things in culture that are disappearing. If you browse his website, you can read, in exacting detail, the instructions on how to reproduce his iconic Photoshop paintings for yourself. In a recent interview he claimed that the works are "so easy," but this simplicity belies a complex and sophisticated attitude to digital media and the 'hackability' of tech—from obscure Nintendo games to advanced 3D software, as Cohan's film reveals.

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