Lisson Gallery

Watch now: Art & Language - Letters to The Jackson Pollock Bar in the Style of The Red Krayola

2 December 2019

On Thursday 24 October 2019, Lisson Gallery New York hosted a night of performance, discussion and music inspired by the pioneering work of Art & Language and their 40-year collaboration with The Red Krayola, a punk band founded in Houston, Texas, by Mayo Thompson and Frederick Barthelme in 1966.

The evening also featured a discussion with Art & Language, hosted by art historian Matthew Jesse Jackson, as well as a newly commissioned homage to some of The Red Krayola’s earliest live shows, composed by musicians J. Spaceman (of Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized) and John Coxon (from Spring Heel Jack and the Treader label).

The Red Krayola are: Sandy Yang, drums; Tom Watson, guitar, vocals; Bill Bowman, bass; Frederick Barthelme, deep structures; Mayo Thompson, guitar, keyboard, vocals.

Read more about the performance here.

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