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Watch now: Ryan Gander 'These are the markers of our time' at Lisson Gallery New York

25 September 2020

Ryan Gander speaks about his exhibition These are the markers of our time currently on view at Lisson Gallery, New York. The exhibition is made up of many individual works that create a whole, like chapters in a book, but with no linear beginning or end. Each work is a piece of the puzzle, referencing Gander’s interest in chance, serendipity and storytelling, laying out a series of clues and markers to be decrypted.

Gander explains "The work was made over a two year period, it was finished during that era that has now come to be known as lockdown. It was never really meant to be about what was happening directly around us, if anything I was trying to shy away from that. I was trying to camouflage the relationship to this moment that we're all living through. But something in the DNA of the work spoke about that, without my control, it spoke about that before the situation we found ourselves in."

The exhibition continues at Lisson Gallery, 508 West 24th Street, New York through 17 October 2020. Click here to learn more.

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