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Tony Cragg solo exhibition opens at Schloss Museum Wolfenbüttel

27 July 2020

A new solo exhibition by Tony Cragg, 'Points of View', is now open at the Schloss Museum Wolfenbüttel in Germany. The exhibition comprises sculptures from seminal series including Stacks and Rational Beings, as well as works on paper and smaller scale sculptures in bronze and glass, shown throughout the castle's traditional Baroque halls. Departing from Heraclitus' formula of panta rhei, or 'everything flows', the pieces in 'Points of View' represents bodies of Cragg's work which develop as single, holistic forms, rather than through compositions of disparate elements.

Situated outside the doors to the Scloss Museum is a large-scale bronze Stack work, originally presented in Cragg's 2019 exhibition Stacks at Lisson Gallery in London.

"The historical rooms here in the museum are something completely different and to enter into a dialogue with them is very exciting," says Cragg. "I did the exhibition that I wanted to do. I want to do work that is a dialogue between rational thinking and feelings - as I would like to have in life. Art is scratching the mystery of our existence. Art is what makes sense of everything. A work of art is just a gate that you open with your head. ” He continues: “ You get very used to your life and then something like Coronavirus happens that forces us to lose these habits - and I don't always see that negatively."

Find out more about 'Points of View' by visiting the Schloss Museum Wolfebüttel's website. On view until 13 September 2020.

Image: Tony Cragg, Stack (2018), Bronze, 216 x 139 x 129 cm

Tony Cragg solo exhibition opens at Schloss Museum Wolfenbüttel
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