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Tony Cragg: Sculpture

10 June 2016

The Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko, Poland presents a new exhibition of work by Tony Cragg, the artist's first solo exhibition in Poland in nearly twenty years. The exhibition, which runs from 11 June until 30 October 2016, features more than 40 different works by the artist, ranging from large-scale sculptures and public artworks displayed in the centre's park to a selection of drawings and watercolours.

Constantly pushing to find new relations between people and the material world, Cragg works with materials such as stone, wood, glass, stainless steel, aluminium, cast bronze and cast iron, as well as found objects, from plastic consumer goods to rubbish from the streets. The exhibition at the Centre of Polish Sculpture includes an extensive display of Cragg's work, from early pieces created in the 1980s to artworks created last year, and provides an insightful overview into the artist's oeuvre.

To accompany the exhibition, the Centre of Polish Sculpture has organised a special educational programme, as well as a publication that contains contributions from Jon Wood, Dorota Monkiewicz and Eulalia Domanowska. Parts of the exhibition will also be made available to Polish audiences later next year at the Contemporary Museum in in Wrocław, Poland.

Tony Cragg: Sculpture
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