Lisson Gallery

Spencer Finch and Christian Jankowski: Project Los Altos

9 November 2013

SFMOMA brings national and international artists to the Silicon Valley community of Los Altos in this unique multisite exhibition.

Spencer Finch

In Back to Kansas, Finch explores the subjective perception of colour, particularly in the fading light. The hues in the wall painting are based on details of the vibrant Technicolor scenes from The Wizard of Oz: the red of Dorothy's ruby slippers, the green of the Emerald City. Throughout the day, changes in light alter the appearance of the colours, which fade to gray in the minutes between sunset and dusk.

Christian Jankowski

Interested in the ways tech speak has begun to enter daily communication, Jankowski invited a group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and thinkers to give talks about everyday topics of their choice using the language of the tech industry. The resulting video installation pairs an array of subjects we know very well with a futurist language we may not know at all, pointing to the ways that art is being created as we talk.

Spencer Finch and Christian Jankowski: Project Los Altos
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