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Ryan Gander takes viewers inside his studio to virtually experience his exhibition – Designboom

23 February 2021

The Lewis Center for the Arts at Princeton University presents Natural and Conventional Signs, an exhibition by UK artist Ryan Gander. Showcasing a selection of new works guided by his research at Princeton as a Hodder Fellow and made during a period of reflection while the world paused amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the show presents viewers with a duality in meaning and utility. The pieces subvert the signs, commonplaces and markers from our everydayness, shining new light on how we position ourselves in relation to the values of time, money, opportunity, attention and privilege.

The Natural and Conventional Signs exhibition was originally planned to take place on Princeton’s campus, but was moved to the artist’s contemporary art space Solid Haus in suffolk. Because of the current restrictions, the exhibition is now completely virtual. Works include a motion-activated ticket machine that programs unique, computer-generated GPS coordinates; protest leaflets with illegible political messages thrown around the floor; a donation box filled with dollar bills folded into five-point stars; and a massive billboard displaying an image of adidas sneakers which visitors find out were worn by omar ruvalcaba during september 2017 in the aftermath of the mexico city earthquake among others.

Read in full and watch the walkthrough via Designboom.

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