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Richard Long will open solo exhibition at M Leuven

4 October 2021

From 22 October 2021 to 3 February 2022, Richard Long presents a solo exhibition at Museum Leuven, Belgium, as part of BANG! – a city-wide festival around the discovery of the Big Bang theory. The presentation with contain a number of photographic and text works, as well as the large-scale slate floor sculpture, Quiet Skies Circle, 2020.

Long has primarily made walking the medium for his art, with nature and wilderness landscapes his main inspiration. In making long walks around the world, he often makes sculptures along the way, marks of passage and transformation. His work in geometric shapes emphasise both the order and diversity of the cosmos. They can be considered as metaphors for existence and reflect his ideas about travel, places, distance, time, space and movement.

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Image: Richard Long, Quiet Skies Circle, 2020 (detail), Delabole slate © Richard Long

Richard Long will open solo exhibition at M Leuven
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