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Richard Deacon at Kunstmuseum Winterthur

18 August 2015

Richard Deacon's major solo exhibition at Kunstmuseum Winterthur, On The Other Side, focuses on a selection of sculptures made in the last decade, comprising abstract forms in laminated wood, stainless steel and glazed ceramic. The exhibition title was chosen by the artist himself and points out that his works do not follow the usual laws of sculpture. Instead of looking for a suitable material to realize a preconceived idea, Deacon proceeds the other way round and develops his sculptures from various materials, playfully exploring their properties and the techniques of their processing.

In Winterthur, he is present in various ways, most visibly by Footfall, the large outdoor sculpture erected in the spring of 2013 on the initiative of the Galerieverein, the Friends of Kunstmuseum Winterthur, to mark the centenary of the association and has since characterized the small square next to the museum. In 2014, the Kunstmuseum published an edition of Deacon’s writings; besides, he is also present in the museum collection with a group of works, so that the current exhibition with its more than 40 works by the artist from the last two decades seamlessly continues the presentation of his oeuvre.

A catalogue with essays by Dieter Schwarz and Jon Wood and an interview with the artist by Christiane Maria Schneider, a biography and a bibliography will accompany the exhibition.

Richard Deacon: On The Other Side
Kunstmuseum Winterthur, Switzerland
22 August – 15 November 2015

Richard Deacon at Kunstmuseum Winterthur
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