Lisson Gallery

Richard Deacon commission at Folkestone Triennial

29 July 2021

A series of five sculptures by Richard Deacon are currently installed as part of the 2021 Creative Folkestone Triennial, which continues in the coastal English town until 2 November 2021. Commissioned for the Triennial, Benchmark nos 1-5 is a result of the artist's ongoing preoccupation with plinths and the crucial role they have played in the development of sculpture. The benches are cut from three granite boulders, and assembled making use of the three different stones in each of the sculptures. While researching his contribution to the Triennial, Deacon came across some empty platforms in Kingnorth Gardens that had ‘lost’ their benches. The welcome of these bare platforms inspired him to create these five new works.

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Richard Deacon commission at Folkestone Triennial
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