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Remembering Carmen Herrera

16 February 2022

Though the Cuban-American artist Carmen Herrera, who has died aged 106, spent 70 years refining her painting style into a severe yet seductive form of geometric abstraction, her pioneering work remained largely unrecognised by the art world until she was in her early 90s. From thereon, however, it received popular acclaim, with myriad museum exhibitions dedicated to the artist’s paintings and occasional forays into sculpture. Her work, she said in 2005, has been a “lifelong process of purification, a process of taking away what isn’t essential”.

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Many publications around the world reported on the life of Carmen Herrera, including the following:

The New York Times
Carmen Herrera, Cuban-Born Artist Who Won Fame ay 89, Dies at 106

The Washington Post
Carmen Herrera, minimalist artist who found fame late in life, dies at 106

NBC News
Art world mourns the death of a Latina painter who became popular at almost 90.

It’s time to judge Carmen Herrera’s extraordinary work purely on its own terms

Carmen Herrera, Trailblazing Painter of Hard-Edge Abstractions, Dies at 106

Carmen Herrera (1915-2022)

How Carmen Herrera Paved the Way for Latina Artists

The Art Newspaper
Ignored by the art world until her 80s, abstract artist Carmen Herrera has died, aged 106

Carmen Herrera, whose geometric art won plaudits late in life, 1915-2022

Carmen Herrera, Celebrated Cuban-American Geometric Artist, Is Dead at 106

Abstract Pioneer Carmen Herrera Has Died in Manhattan at Age 106

Smithsonian Magazine
Remembering Carmen Herrera

The remarkable life of artist Carmen Herrera: 1915-2022

El Pais
Carmen Herrera dies, the artist who triumphed at the age of 89

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
On The Death of Carmen Herrera

Le Quotidien De L’Art
Carmen Herrera: creating up to 106 years old

Photograph by Kathleen King, 1977. © Carmen Herrera, Courtesy Lisson Gallery

Remembering Carmen Herrera
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