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Public Art Fund to present Carmen Herrera in New York City

15 November 2018

In July, Public Art Fund will present Estructuras Monumentales, the first major exhibition of outdoor structures by Carmen Herrera featuring five large-scale sculptures. Known for her vibrant, abstract geometric paintings, Herrera began conceiving her Estructuras series—the physical manifestation of her painted forms in three dimensions—in the late 1960s. The resulting aluminium structures feature strong lines and forms, with bold monochromatic colours at a monumental scale that complement the civic environment. Estructuras Monumentales will feature three newly-realised sculptures based on historic designs and two sculptures never been seen in the U.S., including Angulo Rojo (2017), the first Estructura she has designed in more than three decades, and Pavanne (1967/2017), originally conceived as a memorial to Herrera’s brother. On view at City Hall Park in downtown Manhattan, the sculptures in vivid shades of red, blue, green, and yellow will be sited throughout the park’s groves and pathways, offering a powerful yet reflective experience for the public, and evoking both a sense of order and tranquility with dynamic shapes and geometric balance. The exhibition marks a significant moment in the artist’s long and celebrated career, and brings the full breadth of her work in three dimensions to the public for the first time.

Read more about the project on Public Art Fund's website here.

Image: Carmen Herrera, Angulo Rojo, 2017 © Carmen Herrera; Courtesy of Public Art Fund, NY
Public Art Fund to present Carmen Herrera in New York City
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