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PIVÔ presents Haroon Mirza's first exhibition in São Paulo, Brazil

1 July 2016

PIVÔ, a São Paulo-based, non-profit cultural association that promotes artistic experimentation, presents Haroon Mirza's first exhibition in Brazil from 5 July until 13 August 2016. The exhibition features a site-specific installation powered by ‘Emerging Paradigm’, a device made by the artist that concentrates several channels of light, sounds and videos into one machine. The installation is a result of a residency in São Paulo, where Mirza has spent two months conducting research and capturing images and sounds to fill the device, which will play up to four videos and eight channels of electric signals in synchronization. The videos reflect on the current political climate in Brazil, the local culture of music, Entheogens (plants that have psychedelic properties like the ones used in Ayahuasca) and developments in Physics and Cosmologics.

An advocate of interference (in the sense of electro-acoustic or radio disruption), Mirza creates situations that purposefully cross wires. He describes his role as a composer, manipulating electricity, a live, invisible and volatile phenomenon, to make it dance to a different tune and calling on instruments as varied as household electronics, vinyl and turntables, LEDs, furniture, video footage and existing artworks to behave differently. Processes are left exposed and sounds occupy space in an unruly way, testing codes of conduct and charging the atmosphere. Through his work, Mirza asks us to reconsider the perceptual distinctions between noise, sound and music, and draws into question the categorisation of cultural forms. "All music is organised sound or organised noise," he says. "So as long as you’re organising acoustic material, it’s just the perception and the context that defines it as music or noise or sound or just a nuisance.”

More information on the exhibition is available here:

Image © Haroon Mirza; Courtesy of Matadero Madrid. Photography: Paco Gómez.

PIVÔ presents Haroon Mirza's first exhibition in São Paulo, Brazil
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