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'For Future Reference' by Pedro Reyes at Dallas Contemporary

14 September 2016

'For Future Reference', a new exhibition by Pedro Reyes, opens on 17 September at Dallas Contemporary in Texas as part of the museum's autumn programme.

Through a combination of recent and early work by Reyes, the exhibition explores the legacy of Greek statuary and Greek philosophy, creating a bridge between sculpture and systems of thought. The artist's use of space and volume to organise ideas is apparent in the work Philosophical Casino (2008), in which large-scale sets of dice feature quotes from philosophers and are meant to be used as an oracle in a participatory event. The more recent sculpture Plato's Cave (2016) brings the famous philosophical allegory to life by translating it into an architectural space.

Reyes pays homage to other key figures in philosophy such as Epicurus and Socrates in stone-carved busts where he finds a mid-way point between abstraction and figuration, modern and ancient languages, primitive totemism and modern art. In the work Colloquium (2013), speech bubbles made in marble interlock in the style of a house of cards, and in the series Flat Statues (2016), the artist has re-worked photographs of statuary from different geographies and historical periods, which he has printed on cloth, cut and reassembled on a canvas.

The exhibition, curated by Justine Ludwig, Director of Exhibitions and Senior Curator of Dallas Contemporary, will continue until 18 December 2016. Please click the link below for more information:

'For Future Reference' by Pedro Reyes at Dallas Contemporary
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