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Outdoor pavilion by Dan Graham presented for Frieze Sculpture 2018

27 June 2018

Originally commissioned in 2012 for London's annual urban sculpture park, Sculpture in the City, Dan Graham's large-scale pavilion, London Rococo, will be on view this year as part of Frieze Sculpture 2018.

With a practice that encompasses curating, writing, performance, installation, video, photography and architecture, American artist Dan Graham’s critical engagement manifests most alluringly in his steel and two-way mirrored glass pavilions, which have been realised in sites all over the world.

Created as hybrids, Graham's pavilions blur the lines between art and architecture and produce diverse optical effects. Operating as quasi-functional spaces and art installations, the works use instruments of reflection – both visual and cognitive – to highlight the voyeuristic elements of design. Through the presence of people within the geometric form, the pavilion investigates notions of inclusion and exclusion, turning the traditional viewer of the work into both performer and spectator.

Outdoor pavilion by Dan Graham presented for Frieze Sculpture 2018
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