Lisson Gallery

Now showing: Performer/Audience/Mirror (1975) by Dan Graham

1 September 2016

Performer/Audience/Mirror (1975) by Dan Graham

First performed at the De Appel Arts Centre in Amsterdam, this work explores the interactivity between the performer, his audience and a full-length mirror. Using the mirror at the back of the stage as a monitor, Graham voiced his unrehearsed observations of the audience, activating the various feedback cycles taking place within himself as performer, between the performer and audience and among audience members themselves. Now considered an historical work by Graham, it represents the artist’s pioneering use of video to document perception and his interest in the semiotics of film.

Performer/Audience/Mirror is currently featured in Lisson Gallery's summer exhibition 'Performer/Audience/Mirror' (15 July - 3 September 2016). A selection of films from the exhibition will be screened online at different dates throughout the duration of the show.

Click the link below for the full online screening schedule:

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