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New Stanley Whitney publication to accompany latest exhibition

31 October 2018

Colour inspires and informs the work of Stanley Whitney, whose paintings explore the many possibilities created by the tessellation and juxtaposition of irregular rectangles in varying shades of strength and subtlety. Within the composition of these adjacent nodes – a structure that fluctuates between freedom and constraint, between endless open fields and controlled boundaries – is ultimately a play between complementing and competing areas of color.

The latest exhibition, Whitney’s fourth with the gallery and the first solo show to occupy both of the New York gallery spaces, investigates his profound relationship to color and its spatial effects throughout his career. On view from 3 November to 21 December, it features paintings and drawings dating back to the 1990s in one gallery and a suite of brand new works in the other. To accompany this double showing, Lisson Gallery is publishing a catalogue featuring new scholarship by Andrianna Campbell, available by mid-November. The book will measure twelve inches by twelve inches and include full-scale replications of Whitney's most intimately scale paintings.

Read more about the exhibition here.
New Stanley Whitney publication to accompany latest exhibition
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