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Monograph on Liu Xiaodong now published

8 June 2021

For the latest in its Contemporary Painters series, Lund Humphries has published an extensive monograph on the work of Chinese painter Liu Xiaodong. The hardback publication edited by poet and critic John Yau explores Liu's development as an artist in the context of China's history beyond the Cultural Revolution.

Immersing himself in communities around the globe, Liu seeks to present people who often sit on the fringes of society who find themselves marginalised within a contemporary world striving for homogenisation. At first glance a traditional realist painter, closer examination reveals an artist exploring a range of media while interrogating the opportunities presented by modern technology.

The result is an outstanding body of work, often monumental in scale, that examines, reconsiders, and extends observational painting in fresh directions, while bringing into question the lines between fact and fiction, the traditional and the contemporary, to create a wholly original vision. This publication includes work depicting scenes from his native China to Europe, South Africa, Tibet, Israel, Egypt and beyond.

Find further information and purchase via Lund Humphries.

Monograph on Liu Xiaodong now published
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