Lisson Gallery

Masterpiece London 2018 showcases new work by Marina Abramović

31 May 2018

Marina Abramović showcases new work at Masterpiece London 2018, presented by Factum Arte, in collaboration with Lisson Gallery.

The new body of work, titled Five Stages of Maya Dance, consists of a set of five alabaster portraits of the artist, merging performance, light and sculpture. They have a hauntingly physical presence but, as one moves around the pieces, they decompose into intricately carved ‘landscapes’ of alabaster.

The works are the result of an extended period of experimentation that the artist has been carrying out in Factum Arte's workshops in Madrid. Through the use of carved alabaster, Abramović is exploring new ways to give form to her ideas.

Visit Masterpiece's website for more information on the fair and click here to learn more about Factum Arte.
Marina masterpiece
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