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'Marina Abramović: Gates and Portals' at Modern Art Oxford, Oxford, UK

20 September 2022

“This is an attempt to do something different, because in a normal exhibition you’re just a silent witness. At Modern Art Oxford, rather than just viewing artworks in front of you, you will be partaking in an experience that will be happening to you.” – Marina Abramović

From Saturday 24 September, Marina Abramović presents a new site-specific performance-based exhibition at Modern Art Oxford. 'Gates and Portals' explores transitional states of being, with each visitor participating as a performer with a small group of others. During the exhibition visitors will encounter gates and portals that prompt contemplation of bodily awareness and elevated consciousness.

The exhibition was developed following a research residency at the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford in summer 2021. To complement 'Gates and Portals', a case installation of a film and new drawings made by the artist during her residency will be on display at the Pitt Rivers Museum.

Find further information via Modern Art Oxford.

Image © Marina Abramović, courtesy Modern Art Oxford. Photography by Thierry Bal.

'Marina Abramović: Gates and Portals' at Modern Art Oxford, Oxford, UK
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