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Lisson Gallery Augmented Reality platform now live with Instructional Video and Frequently Asked Questions

24 April 2020

Lisson Gallery is pleased to announce a new partnership with Augment, a leading augmented reality platform providing software to digitally depict what an object will look like in an existing or hypothetical space. The teams have been working together for nearly two years to develop their existing technology for fine art.

The ease and simplicity of positioning a sculpture, installation or painting in one’s own space and virtually share a 3D scene to be viewed and edited by others, comes at a time when people are endeavouring to reduce physical travel, costs, logistical burdens and waste.

Lisson Gallery has worked to develop the technology, and as of the 23rd of April, Augment is available to any artist, gallery, museum, advisor or individual who has a use for it.

For those interested in the platform, you can watch the instructional video and read a list of frequently asked questions below.

What is Augment?
Augment was founded in 2011, with the idea of improving the online consumer experience. It has evolved to become a leading augmented reality and 3D visualisation and communication device, providing software to digitally depict what an object will look like in an existing or hypothetical space. Augment has provided e-commerce, sales and marketing solutions to companies around the world. Clients range from Fortune500 companies to smaller businesses looking to dramatically enhance their client’s visual experience.

How is Lisson Gallery involved?
Over the past two years, Lisson Gallery has been working in partnership with the Augment team to develop their existing technology for fine art objects. Lisson Gallery provided institutional knowledge and over 50 years of gallery experience to the Augment developers to enhance the augmented reality platform to meet the standards and quality of the art world.

How do I gain access?
For artists, colleagues, collectors, museums and other individuals wishing to use this system, you will need to set up an account with Augment. Please click here to receive a free trial.

If you wish to enquire about artworks for sale by any Lisson Gallery artists, please email or contact a member of our sales team.

How much does it cost?
The cost per subscription starts at $25 a month. As with all subscription based apps, costs will vary depending on your individual needs. Augment’s team will help you to find the best solution for your business.

Although Lisson Gallery’s investment with Augment has been to further the technology to improve the online art viewing experience, all fees are paid in full directly to Augment.

How do I upload my own artworks?
If you wish to upload your own artworks to the platform, you will need an account. Augment’s skilled developers are available to provide you with training and advise on the procedures best suited for your needs.

Based on our own experience in beta testing, rending flat artworks (paintings, photographs, works on paper, etc.) is relatively simple to do with high-resolution images. Uploading anything three-dimensional will require rendering or 3D scanning. Augment’s team will advise on any additional equipment required.

Lisson Gallery will not have any knowledge of your information or the status of your account. All subscriptions and payments are to be made directly Augment. Read about their Terms and Conditions and their Privacy Policy.

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