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Laure Prouvost screens film and launches new AR work with CIRCA in London on 13 October

10 October 2022

Broadcasting globally throughout October 2022, coinciding with Frieze London and CIRCA's second anniversary, Laure Prouvost will take centre stage on the CIRCA platform with a new two-and-a-half minute video work that explores the migration of birds, poetically navigating and providing deeper context surrounding questions of borders and immigration. The film is screening daily at 20:22 until the end of the month.

Launching on Thursday 13 October at 8pm, complementing the global video presentation and Prouvost's solo booth with Lisson Gallery at Frieze London, the artist will activate her first AR experience in Piccadilly Circus, that brings to life a giant, painterly octopus. Wrapping around the Anteros Statue, she is resting after her long march to London, following a protest gathering of other-than-human compatriots. Marching together, through unscripted encounters between this world’s manifold, they seek to develop infrastructures for deep futurity.

Laure Prouvost says:

“Could we be birds, sea animals who belong to no nation? Free to follow our own migration routes?
This work for CIRCA addresses urgent questions of earthly survival, such as other-than-human and human rights. The video presentation will address the passer by, suggesting the possibility to become one another in empathy with all materiality. In conjunction, the Piccadilly Circus activation is an octopus (visible on AR) taking rest, taking a break after a long voyage marching with placards and protest signs from a gathering she held of other-than-human comrades on a ride seeking togetherness in union. Could one become a bird flying across continents, or an octopus swimming across oceans thinking through touch. Giving us a moment to pause and imagine a more fluid future. Could we imagine migration routes for all species, humans and non humans. WE AS ONE belonging to one world, could we dream of NO MORE FRONT TEARS?”

Partnering with Choose Love, who support refugees and displaced people globally, this month’s #CIRCAECONOMY print by Prouvost will power a £5000 donation to the charity.

Find further information here.

Laure Prouvost screens film and launches new AR work with CIRCA in London on 13 October
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