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Laure Prouvost creates her first public UK commission for TfL's Art on the Underground

30 May 2019

Laure Prouvost has created her first public UK commissioned artwork, ‘You are deeper than what you think’, as part of the 2019 Art on the Underground initiative by Transport for London. Launching in full on 20 June, Prouvost's city-wide series of printed and digital posters will infiltrate advertising sites across all 270 London Underground stations through to mid-December, bookended by major installations in the East and West of the city at Heathrow and Stratford stations.

Six million copies of Prouvost’s specially designed TfL pocket Tube map are now in circulation across the Underground network. The maps and posters, all of which are reproductions of signs hand-painted by the artist and set in the iconic Johnston typeface, reference the tradition of hand-produced signage on the London Underground, and Prouvost’s own artistic practice incorporating sign-painting and wordplay. ‘You are deeper than what you think’, for example, is an interplay between the literal place the work will be encountered and a reminder that there is more inside all of us than we might initially feel.

Find out more about this year’s Art on the Underground commissions here.

Image © Benedict Johnson, 2019
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