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Laure Prouvost opens new exhibition inspired by global warming in Paris

19 June 2018

“As an artist, I often like to lose control, just allude to certain things, so that everyone can form their own interpretation. The spectators should find in themselves a sense of their own environment and use their imaginations. I play with the idea of being whisked away to places which you maybe can’t come back from...” Laure Prouvost

Laure Prouvost presents 'Ring, Sing and Drink for Trespassing' at Palais de Tokyo from 22 June until 9 September 2018 – the French artist's first solo exhibition in a Parisian institution.

Inspired by global warming, the exhibition provides an escape that is both psychological and geographical, featuring a corridor of woven tapestries, a metallic network of manufactured objects, interwoven with items in the shape of bottoms and a large fountain of breasts, as well as a new video work shot in a constructed shed at AIR in Antwerp.

The exhibition invites visitors to explore and celebrate ambiguity by being at once intimate and expansive, and urges a broader understanding of the world at large.

Visit the Palais de Tokyo's website for more information on the exhibition.

Image: Laure Prouvost, Ahead of Us, 2018 (detail of simulation). Tapestry, 300 x 400 cmCourtesy de l’artiste et Nathalie Obadia (Paris / Bruxelles), carlier | gebauer (Berlin), Lisson Gallery (Londres / New York).
Laure Prouvost opens new exhibition inspired by global warming in Paris
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