Lisson Gallery

Julian Opie creates new digital artwork 'Village.'

30 April 2020

Julian Opie has created a new digital artwork entitled Village. (2020). Struck by the maze-like network of streets in a small South Western French town where roads and houses are of uniform design, Opie was inspired to make Village., a continuous computer animation intended to be experienced digitally. Accompanied by a haunting soundscape composed by collaborator, Max Richter, the film takes the viewer on an intense, immersive, labyrinthine and seemingly endless journey. The subject recalls Opie's series from the mid-nineties, Imagine you are walking, notably included in his major solo exhibition in 1993 at the Hayward Gallery. Julian Opie, Village., 2020, Continuous computer animation, Music by Max Richter.

Select full screen to watch the complete work.

Julian Opie, Village. (2020), Continuous computer animation, Music by Max Richter
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