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Jonathan Monk creates new artist edition with Three Star Books

30 October 2019

In collaboration with Three Star Books, publishers of books and editions by contemporary artists, Jonathan Monk has created a limited edition volume entitled 'The End'. Three Star Books challenged Monk to consider a project using hand made marbled papers. Monk was quick to respond with a play on words, as well as a reference to Ed Ruscha’s numerous paintings and prints that carry the words: “The End”.

The technique of paper marbling was invented in Japan as early as the 10th century, and has been used commonly as the end page material in bookbinding since the 16th century. For his limited edition volume of twenty four unique copies, Monk has mixed the concept of marbled book end pages with the custom of end credits in films.
 The words 'The End' are screen-printed onto each page in a font recalling those used in old cinema. Starting from the top, they move down gradually over the twenty four book pages, mimicking the 'scrolling' effect of the twenty four frames that make up one second of a film's end credits.
 The editions themselves have no end pages.

For more information, visit Three Star Books.

Video by Théophile Boutin
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