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Joanna Pousette-Dart Review in The Brooklyn Rail

27 March 2020

The Etruscan Tomb of the Leopards at Tarquinia is rife with playful paradoxes: a spacious entombment celebrating the cheerfully deceased, the wall paintings are alive with brilliant color and twitchy patterning, although they repose in a dark enclosure. It doesn’t surprise me at all that Joanna Pousette-Dart mentioned Etruscan tomb paintings in an interview in The Brooklyn Rail’s June 2019 issue as part of a list of art experiences that have “particularly affected” her, as her work exhibits its own intriguing contradictions, rewarding viewers for their attempts to “unlock” the paintings’ “logic.”

In her first solo exhibition at Lisson Gallery, Pousette-Dart has included larger-scale paintings alongside vivid 12-inch square gouache and acrylic studies that at first glance look like they mimic the paintings, before going their own ways, and similarly-sized fuzzy sumi ink sketches that have seeped into the weave of their rice paper grounds...

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To learn more about Joanna Pousette-Dart's exhibition at Lisson Gallery click here.

Image: Joanna Pousette-Dart, 3 Part Variation #12, 2017
Acrylic on canvas on shaped wood panels
Joanna Pousette-Dart Review in The Brooklyn Rail
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