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'Jason Martin: Origin' opens during ARCO Lisboa

5 May 2022

During ARCO Lisboa, Jason Martin will open a new exhibition, 'Origin', at the Bica do Sapato, running from 21 May – 11 June 2022.

Speaking on the recent paintings featured in 'Origin', Martin says: "The immersive and seductive nature of the Portugal landscape has been an inspirational departure for me: part escape, part homecoming. On discovering this natural cornucopia, I was convinved that my decision to live and work here was a progressive one. the move would nurture and inspire both myself and my work. I was irrevocably seduced by the evergreens, the earth, the swell of the Atlantic coastline. Alentejo – at once extreme and windswept – combines a paradoxical wilderness: simultaneously brutal and calm. As the landscape embodies such a unique character so too does the spirit and temperament of the culture. The elemental discoveries I have made in this environment, here amongt the gentle valley's cinematic skies and meandering horizons, are where I both realise my dreams and confront my failures. If painting if a measure in subtle acts of empathy, the this is the place to explore such an enquiry. Stillness and movement are opposites to be captured in every painting I make."

Jason Martin, Untitled (Old Holland blue deep/Sepia extra), 2019, Oil on aluminium, 194 x 294 x 16cm

'Jason Martin: Origin' opens during ARCO Lisboa
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