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'Interview: Andrew Pierre Hart Discovers the Rhythms of Painting' – Something Curated

4 March 2024

Andrew Pierre Hart’s practice explores the symbiotic relationship between sound and painting, incorporating aspects of sculpture, language, performance and film. His abstract compositions draw on sources as diverse as the murals of the Gurunsi people in Burkina Faso, Yoruba divination codes, graphic musical scores, and digital coding.

It’s been a busy month for Hart, who recently unveiled a new commission for Whitechapel Gallery, comprising a sprawling mural, six new oil paintings, a sculpture, and a sound composition and film recorded in the streets around the gallery. The artist is also part of Lisson Gallery’s new show, Accordion Fields, a major group exhibition of contemporary painting by artists who trained in London, and whose visual languages and creative identities have been shaped by the city.

To learn more about Hart’s practice and his latest projects, Keshav Anand spoke with the artist.

Keshav Anand: Could you expand on your interest in the relationship between sound and painting?

Andrew Pierre Hart: A wider and open space is offered when I explore what feels quite natural to be in relationship with each other — the construction and building of an art “practice” is part of the artist’s struggle to find the lifelong exploration that drives the artist. The rhythms of painting and sound are where I found this deep dive into the proposal, like a durational sound performance. There are so many areas that I can explore within this proposal that continually iterates so it becomes infinite.

At the moment I’m interested in space and how we utilise it in the performance of showing art and experiencing art — how we as viewers experience looking, how we can be immersed, how the experience of sound with painting can be enhanced; does sound offer a deeper connection to visual matter? I am asking questions as well as creating the environments to understand these phenomena.

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'Interview: Andrew Pierre Hart Discovers the Rhythms of Painting' – Something Curated
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