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Interview and cover story with Anish Kapoor - Elephant Magazine

8 April 2024

“I guess, historically we—and I use “we” very broadly, across the globe—have understood that public space in various ways, whether it’s the village, the town square, the inner-city or wherever the public space has deep symbolic realities. But, strangely, we’ve lost much of that. We’ve lost much of the symbolic power of shared space. It’s as if the capitalist agenda for the maximizing of square footage across most of the Western world has higher value than any shared public agenda. What a crying shame, and how pathetic of us on many levels!” – Anish Kapoor

Elephant Magazine celebrates its return to print with its Spring 2024 issue and special covers with twelve leading artists including Anish Kapoor.

Kapoor is interviewed in the magazines 49th issue by Editor-in-Chief, Tschabalala Self. Laid out in twelve thematic sections, the issue presents the most exciting artists working today, captured through their own lens, in one 500-page mega-edition. The theme of the issue is dedicated to transformation and artists who embody this concept, befitting this new era of the magazine.

Purchase your copy via Elephant.

Interview and cover story with Anish Kapoor - Elephant Magazine
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