Lisson Gallery

In the studio with Van Hanos

16 June 2021

Ahead of Van Hanos' solo exhibition 'Conditional Bloom' at Lisson Gallery in New York (opening 30 June), the artist speaks about his recent practice and the new works presented in the show in this intimate film shot at his studio in the remote rural town of Marfa, Texas.

Created over the past few months, these paintings represent Hanos' reflections of the past year. Through this year of looking inward, and without the ability to gather imagery beyond his studio in the same way, Hanos initiated each painting not from a photograph or visual reference, but instead began each work with the material of a thought or emotion. The canvases that emerged thus range from highly personal image-based compositions — a moonlit battered car representing a serious accident Hanos experienced in early 2020 — to highly abstracted, hypnagogic scenes of faces, foods, landscape and more. Installed alongside one another, they depict the many possibilities that arise when we allow the deconstruction of the concepts that mediate the experience of the consciousness.

'Conditional Bloom' will run from 30 June – 13 August 2021.

Film by Joseph Cashiola.

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