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Imperial War Museum to exhibit artists' responses to war and conflict

23 August 2017

The Imperial War Museum's exhibition 'Age of Terror' shows how artists have responded to war and conflict since 9/11. The exhibition, which runs from 26 October 2017 – 28 May 2018 in London, will feature more than 40 artists, including Ai Weiwei, Cory Arcangel and Santiago Sierra.

The complex issues surrounding the global response to 9/11, the nature of modern warfare and the continuing state of emergency in which we find ourselves have become compelling subject matter for contemporary artists. Artists’ unique ways of communicating through their art provide different levels of understanding. The stories they tell, whether first or second-hand, come from alternative viewpoints not always reflected in the mainstream media, often challenge our perceptions.

Through 50 works of art including film, sculpture, painting, installations, photography and prints, many of which will be exhibited in the UK for the first time, this exhibition highlights the crucial role of artists in representing contemporary conflict.

Please visit the Imperial War Museum's website for more information.
Imperial War Museum to exhibit artists' responses to war and conflict
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