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Haroon Mirza presents latest audio-visual release Modular Opera EP1

1 February 2023

On 1 January 2023, Haroon Mirza released Modular Opera EP1, following the artist’s “modular opera” structure and featuring four tracks or “acts” from previous iterations of this ongoing performance series.

Performed across the world, including at The Australian Centre for Contemporary Arts for Melbourne International Festival; The Liverpool Biennial; and at 180 Strand, London, this iteration presented as an audiovisual EP comprises four acts that explore 111 Hz, a frequency relevant to both neolithic architecture and modern neurology. The frequency is a fictional trope in Mirza's Modular Opera series.

As new acts join the repertoire, the narrative – based around a shaman who uses her voice to heal – unfolds exploring ideas of sound, medicine and mystical experience. The multimedia works ask us to consider the sociological and physiological properties of the human voice, and explores Mirza's interest in systems of belief, waveforms and patterns of movement.

Each track is accompanied by a video element, and vocal performances by Anne Taft, Emma Bispham, Jennifer John, Sarah-Jane Lewis, Steve Boyland and Tayo Aluko.

Listen via Bandcamp.

Haroon Mirza presents latest audio-visual release Modular Opera EP1
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