Lisson Gallery

Haroon Mirza performance in Frieze's 2020 LIVE programme

7 October 2020

Curated by Victor Wang, the 2020 Frieze LIVE programme presents The Institute of Melodic Healing (IMH), an “institute of sound and performance” located at 9 Cork St, London and broadcast online from 6–11 October. The programme will last for 111 hours, rethinking the parameters of live art during a time when distance, the body, and movement are regulated. The IMH aims to promote community and healing by thinking through sound and body, to emphasize that listening and feeling is as important as seeing, and to support artistic experimental development.

The programme's 111 hours of duration stems from Haroon Mirza’s research into the physiological properties of the frequency of 111 Hz, one that has been demonstrated by scientists to resonate from certain prehistoric megalithic structures that served as centres for social or spiritual events. For Frieze LIVE, Mirza will present a new participatory light and sound installation MindFlip, in collaboration with soprano opera singer Sarah-Jane Lewis.

Audiences will be able to use a QR code to activate the work and the 111 Hz frequency, at 9 Cork Street from 8–11 October. Find further information here.

Haroon Mirza performance in Frieze's 2020 LIVE programme
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