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Haroon Mirza to participate in 'ASSEMBLY' at Somerset House

6 November 2019

For the second edition of ‘ASSEMBLY’ at Somerset House, resident artist Christian Marclay curates a series of intimate musical performances responding to the sounds and acoustics of the street outside the building. Working with the unpredictable activity and noise to define a compositional framework, Marclay invites a series of guests to collaborate in bringing the outdoors inside for an evolving series of electro-acoustic performances.

This Friday from 7:30pm, Haroon Mirza will present his response to the project alongside artist and music producer Beatrice Dillon. Using projected visuals and panning sound from numerous external microphones, Mirza will re-spatialise the traffic soundscape using vehicle sounds that enter and leave the room by travelling sequentially from speaker to speaker.

Find out more via the Somerset House website.

Image: Haroon Mirza, The national apavilion of then and now (2011), Anechoic chamber, LEDs, amp, speakers, electronic circuit, 800 x 700 x 330 cm, 315 x 275 5/8 x 129 7/8 in
Haroon Mirza to participate in 'ASSEMBLY' at Somerset House
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