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Haroon Mirza in 'Notations on Time' at Ishara Art Foundation, Dubai, UAE

18 January 2023

'Notations on Time' is a group exhibition that explores the philosophical and political dimensions of time through the works of 20 contemporary artists from South Asia and its diaspora. Curated by Sandhini Poddar and Sabih Ahmed, the exhibition stages a dialogue between artistic generations to highlight entanglements between the past, present and future. The exhibition exists as a veritable laboratory of time, exploring art in notational, experimental and fragmentary forms. Standing apart from Western notions of linearity, progress and capitalist domination, Notations on Time explores ontological systems that reveal how artists from this region and its diaspora think about aesthetics, existence, remembrance and futurity.

Haroon Mirza presents his 2022 solar-powered installation Light Work xlix, continuing a series of works most recently shown at the Lofoten International Biennial last year.

Find further information via Ishara Art Foundation.

Image: Haroon Mirza, Installation view of Light Work xlix (2022). Shown in Notations on Time at Ishara Art Foundation, 2023. Image courtesy of Ishara Art Foundation and the Artist. Photo by Ismail Noor/Seeing Things.

Haroon Mirza in 'Notations on Time' at Ishara Art Foundation, Dubai, UAE
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