Lisson Gallery

Haroon Mirza's largest exhibition to date opens at Ikon Gallery

28 November 2018

Reality Is Somehow What We Expect It To Be is the most comprehensive exhibition of work by Haroon Mirza in the UK to date, filling Ikon’s exhibition spaces with moving imagery, sculptural installation and electronic sound. Involving smart sampling, sometimes through collaboration with other artists, Mirza’s practice overall is characterised by a knowing eclecticism and sheer physical impact. His (mis)understanding of the nature of human perception – of what and how we see and hear – is demonstrated and combined with countless possibilities of meaning, and so his aesthetic proposition is more to do with messages received than those transmitted, circumscribed by our constitutions, testing the limits of what we can experience and what we think we know.

Opening 30 November, the exhibition will be on view until 24 February, 2019. For more information, please visit Ikon's website.

Image: Haroon Mirza, The National Apavilion of Then and Now, 2011. Installation view at Venice Biennale 2011 © Haroon Mirza
Haroon Mirza's largest exhibition to date opens at Ikon Gallery
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