Lisson Gallery

Haroon Mirza at Matadero, Madrid

17 September 2015

Haroon Mirza presents his first solo show in Spain under the title Emerging Paradigm from 17 September 2015 to 17 January 2016. The project is specifically designed for the old refrigerator chamber of Madrid’s old slaughterhouse, Matadero, as part of the site specific programme Abierto x Obras.

Emerging Paradigm is a composition written for a four channel video and live electricity installation that reflects on the cultural shift from the contemporary paradigm to the emerging paradigm, a fundamental property of the current artistic moment. A piece that is “in between an album, a single, a music video and chamber music,” explains the artist that defines himself as a composer. A piece “sonically influenced mainly by techno.”

In his installations, Mirza explores the relationship between sound, light waves, instruments and electric current, encouraging his audience to reconsider their perception of what is music, what is sound and what noise. The artist constructs an abstract narrative that explores moments of social and cultural history and their relationship with music. In Emerging Paradigm, the sound is related to a composition of videos made out of footage the artist has shot with his iPhone over the past years, mixed together with educational videos downloaded from Youtube or footage from artists Haroon has collaborated with recently like Factory Floor or Ed Atkins.

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Haroon Mirza at Matadero, Madrid
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