Lisson Gallery

Frieze Masters 2013: Richard Long

15 October 2013

At Frieze Masters, 17-20 October, Lisson presents a single-artist display of the work of Richard Long, who worked with the gallery in his seminal early years between 1973-1980. In his first presentation since re-joining the gallery earlier this year, he will show a historical range of work including a major stone floor piece, a text piece and a monumental mud wall work. Long is one of a group of artists shown by Nicholas Logsdail in the earliest years of the Lisson Gallery and his legacy as a pioneering conceptualist and one of the originators of the Land Art movement is especially relevant now, as evidenced by the recent re-staging of the 1969 exhibition, ‘When Attitudes Become Forms’, at the Fondazione Prada in 2013.

After making his first text-based word-work for that show, Long created environmental works all around the world, documenting his walks with texts, maps, and photographs. In the 1980s, Long began making new types of mud works using handprints applied directly to the wall. He also constructed large lines and circles made of stones, slate, and sticks, often collected on his walks or, in later years, from locations near the exhibition sites.
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