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Solo exhibition 'Surge' by Anish Kapoor at Fundación PROA, Argentina

16 December 2019

Anish Kapoor's solo exhibition 'Surge' is currently on view at the Fundación PROA in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Curated by Marcello Dantas, the exhibition presents works from 1992 to the present, covering a number of key series in the artist's practice, produced in a wide variety of materials including wax, stone, pigment and steel.

'Surge' is experienced as a tour through some of Kapoor's most iconic works that explore the opposite dualities of inside and outside, presence and absence, form and formlessness. In the auto-generated installation Svayambhu (2007), a monumental mass of red wax moves slowly through the gallery, becoming continually formed and reformed by the space's architectural features. This is followed by more elusive pieces such as When I'm Pregnant (1992) and those which distort the surrounding space and viewers' perceptions through their highly reflective surfaces, like Non-object (Door) (2008). The exhibition also contains important earlier installations highlighting Kapoor's use of pure pigments, as with Dragon (1992-1993).

Find more information via the Fundación PROA website.

Image: Installation view of Anish Kapoor, Svayambhu (2007) at Fundación PROA © Anish Kapoor. All rights reserved, DACS / SAVA, 2019. Photography Patricio Pidal.
Solo exhibition 'Surge' by Anish Kapoor at Fundación PROA, Argentina
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