Lisson Gallery

Episode 10: ON AIR with Ryan Gander discussing The End

25 May 2020

To celebrate the new Focus exhibition section dedicated to a singular body of work and his virtual Studio tour, British artist Ryan Gander features on the latest Lisson podcast to discuss The End, part of his recent trilogy of animatronic mice. These sculptural installations explore culture, time, mortality and the inability of language to describe the full range and despair of our current human condition. In each piece, a mouse appears from the debris of a hole in the wall to philosophise, commanding the room with its tiny voice and inviting the visitor to kneel down to hear what it has to say.

In this episode, Gander begins by recalling the bedtime story his father told him of a mouse plugging a hole with wads of money, then moves on to Aesop's fable of the lion and the mouse, finally looking at other mice in art history, inclduing Michelangelo's unrealised mouse carving at the foot of the Medici Chapel.

Press play on the link above to listen in full, or find the full list of ON AIR podcasts on Soundcloud, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts.

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