Lisson Gallery

Elinor Stanley talks through her works in 'Accordion Fields'

23 February 2024

Elinor Stanley’s paintings feature nudes viewed adrift in painterly fields of indeterminate depth and periphery. Her protagonists are often paired - their relationships to one another are as ambiguous and muted as the zones in which they co-exist. Rendered with a liquid sensuous pleasure, and simultaneously voluminous and weightless, these figures often float up to the front of the picture plane, obscuring our vantage point, or else appear to be sinking down into another realm.

Stanley studied at the Royal Academy Schools, London (2019-2023). Recent exhibitions include ‘Tropo’, Incubator, London (2023); ‘John Moores Painting Prize’, The Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, UK (2023); ‘Chin Chin’, Dasein Gallery, Shenzhen, China (2023); Degree Show, Royal Academy of Arts, London (2023) and ‘Day by Day Good Day’, Union Pacific, London (2023).

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