12 October 2015 News


The second half of a two-part project by Daniel Buren has been unveiled at the Museo Madre in Naples. Commissioned by the museum on the occasion of its tenth anniversary, the project Axer / Désaxer. Lavoro in situ, 2015, Madre, Napoli - #2 continues the artist’s celebration of the relationships between the museum and community.

Conceived by the artist specifically for the museum’s atrium, Axer / Désaxer. Lavoro in situ, 2015, Madre, Napoli - #2 is an architectural intervention that creates the illusion of a “rotating” building. Through the use of coloured surfaces, mirrors and Buren's signature 8.7cm black and white stripes, the lines between the exterior and interior of the museum are blurred, merging the museum and community together.

The exhibition runs until 4 July 2016. For more information, please visit: http://www.madrenapoli.it/