Lisson Gallery

Creative Time to host Pedro Reyes's 'Doomocracy', a house of political horrors

1 September 2016

Creative Time will host Pedo Reyes's Doomocracy, a major new immersive installation, sited at the Brooklyn Army Terminal in the Sunset Park neighbourhood of Brooklyn, New York.

Timed to coincide with the American presidential election and Halloween, Reyes has called the work a "political house of horrors", where guests will navigate a maze of near apocalyptic torments, from climate change to pandemic gun violence. Opening to the public October 7 and ending just days before the November election, Doomocracy will be free and open to the public, although tickets must be reserved in advance.

Creative Time has launched a Kickstarter campaign to support Doomocracy, with a goal of $80,000. Support the project by clicking the link:

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